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BT Net Leased Lines

Why should customers choose our BTnet leased line ?

It’s market-leading

We offer the best service out there with an unbeatable SLA. That means we expect no downtime. Ever.

It’s No.1

We’re No.1 and have more customers than any other provider. We’ve been providing BTnet for more than 20 years so they won’t find anyone with more experience or expertise.

It’s dedicated

A dedicated line means exceptional speeds and bandwidth your customers can rely on, always.

It’s fast

Lightning fastspeeds so customers can run multiple business applications and send and receive huge files quickly.

*This speedis available in certain areas

It comes with a free connection

Avoid upfront costs and nasty surprises for delivery

It’s symmetrical

Great for hosting, running multiple apps, voice, video and sharing large files

It’s always on

So we can deliver supreme coverage, capacity and resilience

It’s flexible

Customers can scale their bandwidth up or down to meet their needs.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Customers get business gradecalls, with crystal-clear quality and no drop outs.

BTnet Express

Ideal for smaller businesses and broadband upgrade.

Cisco Meraki router

Simpler connectivity with more functionality and greater control.

BTnet Security

Keeps customers’ business secure and protected against cyber-attacks.